Lisbon: the "number one choice" of European real estate investment

The recent study by PwC and the Urban Land Institute (Emerging Trends in Real Estate) indicates the Portuguese capital as a promising occupant of the podium of the race for "safe European investment".

Factors such as quality of life, "relatively cheaper real estate" and "good returns" are the basis of the assertions made.

Especially, the security offered by this market reinforces the interest that has already become notorious in recent years. Investors have been preferring the real estate sector - and especially Portuguese - to the detriment of other asset classes.

Lisbon, although having its market classified as small, now enjoys a broad diversity of capital in terms of origin, risk profile and asset class.

In practical terms, according to the survey presented in the same study, it is expected an increase in rents and the continuity of stability hitherto experienced in retail real estate.

The growing development of the Portuguese furniture market has come to the attention of all, reason why much is speculated about the existence or not of a “real estate bubble”. This breakthrough is, however, rated as healthy by the experts of the study cited.

With all eyes on itself, despite recent fears, Lisbon continues to grow in numbers, interest and fame; being this time pointed by many as good to invest.


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