Mission, Vision, Values and Business Principles


As a boutique law firm, we are committed to seeking, finding and identifying the needs and interests of our clients and adapting our resources accordingly.

We focus on individual clients with multiple interests and fields of action, advising them on their investments, on the identification of opportunities and even on their day-to-day management.


To hold a strong position on the Portuguese legal services market by committing ourselves to dedication, personalisation and care with regard to details and by renouncing the temptation of unsustainable growth, unskilled mass services and generalised solutions.



We act in accordance with universal values, with the highest ethical standards and in strict compliance with the code of ethics applicable to legal practice.

As servants of justice and law, we act with honour and responsibility in the all the situations we face, adopting an ethical approach in all circumstances and contexts.


We use best practices, engage in customer service, and adopt efficiency-based approaches to create value and achieve the proposed goals.


We develop our activity in a dedicated and proactive way, in a long-term perspective, to serve the objectives of our clients.

Client proximity

We invest in the relationship with our clients, seeking to know their background, projects and objectives in order to anticipate their needs, propose customized solutions and provide a quality service that matches their interests.

Business Principles

Accuracy and independence in the development of our activity         

We conduct our business on the basis of accuracy, reliability and transparency in the principles governing our business, in our processes and working methods and in the information provided to clients and third parties, always aimed at honouring our commitments.

We exercise our profession with independence, impartiality and integrity, safeguarding the interests of our clients at all times and using the mandate entrusted to us to achieve the professional goals to which we are committed.

Long-term partnerships with clients

The solutions we present are always aimed at creating value for the client in a long-term perspective.  We strive to know and evaluate each situation and act in a way that does not compromise the goals and future projects of our clients.  We generate trust by adopting an attitude of collaboration, sharing and mutual gain.

Knowledge & Innovation       

We undertake to individually and collectively update our knowledge and to know the trends and best practices that allow us to propose innovative solutions for projects in which we are involved.

We are engaged in creating conditions that allow us to anticipate and reflect on the challenges facing us with regard to our clients and the sectors in which we operate.

We encourage initiative and proactivity and we question known solutions.  We work on research, analysis methods and processes to optimize the solution for our clients.

Contribution and involvement with society        

We feel responsible for making a contribution to society that exceeds the limits of our business.  We want to positively influence the communities in which we operate through social responsibility initiatives that contribute to citizenship, equity, human dignity, social justice and the exercise of fundamental freedoms.


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